When did soccer predictions become so popular?

Seemingly since the beginning of time, people have loved to place bets. History has recorded evidence of gambling as early as 2300 B.C. in China, though the likelihood that the concept of betting existed before then is high.

Traditionally, betting was limited to the race course. Gaining major popularity in England in the mid-1700s, London’s elite were founding and participating in social clubs dedicated to gambling, and establishments like the Jockey Club played host to high-class gentlemen watching races and placing stakes on their favored winner. These bets, or “bookmaking” slowly began to spread across England, Europe and over to the Americas. The term “bookie,” which we still commonly use today, originated around the same time in reference to the bookmakers running the worldwide sports-betting scene.

Around 1850, the popularity of “opportunities” lists began to grow; lists that showed all of the types of activities that could be bet on, beyond horse racing. While the first bookmaking company opened in Philadelphia in 1866 for gambling on traditional horse races, across the pond in England the betting culture was in full swing, with men betting on everything from sports to popular culture to the weather.

It’s no surprise that the British were the first to combine their love of betting with another beloved national pastime; football, or soccer. While gambling on soccer matches has been in place for over a hundred years, the concept of sport betting has grown massively since the mid-1990s, as the emergence of online betting with soccer predictions from topsoccerpredictions.com has come widely into play.

When did soccer predictions become so popular?

Today many sites, like topsoccerpredictions.com, are dedicated to finding the best models and strategies for soccer predictions to pass on to sports betters around the world. With soccer predictions, it’s possible to place nearly sure bets without having any real prior knowledge of the teams, the players, or even the games; dedicated teams discover the best betting options for you in advance, through stats, analytics, and even insider tips.

Now that it’s possible to bet with reassurance that soccer predictions will lead to a payout, soccer betting has taken off. Today, hundreds of thousands of people bet on matches around the world, every day. With models and strategies for betting improving all the time, it’s likely that this trend will only continue to grow, as the public’s love for soccer shows no signs of stopping.